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Local Representation

Coastal Elements

Coastal Elements

 I am delighted to be part of a beautiful new store in Sawgrass Village featuring local artwork, unique gifts, and extraordinary handmade items curated by the very talented owner, Maria Litwack.  Coastal Elements is located in the heart of Ponte Vedra Beach in Sawgrass Village at 280 Main Street, Suite 900.  Below are the pieces currently available through Coastal Elements.  

For more information, the store's phone number is 904-686-2451.   or email:  

You can also email me through this website for prices, sizes, or any other information.  


 APRIL 2021    New small works that may be framed or placed on an easel.

                                                  Pink Party II



 Small works for framing or placing on a small easel.


                                                 Confetti series


                                        Translucent Waters





                               Ponte Vedra North of the Lodge


                                             Small works




                                       Small works



                        Ponte Vedra South

 Pink Party,             Big Peach Cloud,               Pink Party II



Golden Horizons,    Pink Cottage among Lime Sea Grapes,       Sunrise





                                                        Pink Sparkles




                                                  Confetti series




                                             Beach Squares





              Rose Gold,               Lavender Gold,              Jagged Waters

                              Blue Sapphire Waves



                                      Good Morning Sunshine








Ice and Cobalt Waters,   Amethyst and Jade,   Golden Tide ( center)

                              Criss Cross II,   Aqua Beach II




   Blue Sparkles (left),  Blue Sapphire Wave (back),  Blue Line (right).  Blue Wave (front)




                                         Jagged Waters




                           Pink Cottage among the Sea grapes



                                             Pink Party II





  Aqua Beach II,              Amethyst and Jade,                 Criss Cross II



              Golden Horizons,         Eventide,           Sunrise




                                      Lavender Seas




                                            Mix and Match 




                                           Pink Party



                         Peach Cloud over Sublime Waters


                                 Shimmer II



                                    Blue Sparkles




                                             Blue Waves



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