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Frames Information / Contact Form

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions,  or to request additional photos. Frames are generally included with standard 1/2" deep traditional canvases.  These canvases generally require a frame.  Frames will be simple "plein air" style gold frames, unless noted.  Styles can vary, so photographs will be provided.  

Some paintings are photographed in more ornate upgraded frames, and are priced with that frame.  It may not be your style, so just email us and we can give you other options, prices, and send photos.  If you prefer to frame it yourself, that's fine too!  We will deduct the cost of the frame, and the shipping will be less without the extra weight.    

Gallery wrap canvases are a contemporary deeper canvas, generally 1.5" deep, and they do not require a frame as the sides are painted either to "wrap" the top, or the sides are painted white. This will be specified in each description.  If you would like photos from side angles, we can email those for your approval.   

As an artist, former Interior Designer, constant photographer, and gardener--we can easily send more photos and would be very happy to put collections together and send photos so that you can see works side by side.  

Thank you for visiting, and please do not hesitate to email any questions.